About the School

Belvedere College, a school for boys in Dublin, was founded in 1832. The College boasts famous alumni and long-established links with community groups and charitable organisations.

The school community, increasingly aware of climate justice issues, reacted to global environmental challenges by forming the Carbon Committee and reducing the school’s carbon footprint by a quantifiable amount. The school also set up a successful 18-month grow lab pilot project, in order to produce food in an urban setting whilst having hands-on learning opportunities within water and energy sustainability.


Winner of the Global High Schools category

Year: 2017

Region: Europe

Project Description

With the strong belief that the students are part of the solution to today’s environmental challenges, it wants to provide them with a practical experience of food production and its difficulties – including those related to energy (electricity and human) and water—as well as the chance to be more effectively involved in creating sustainable solutions.

The school hopes to further connect its students with the local community through outreach, in order to be a local educational hub, and with the world, in order to inspire future initiatives. It aims to create a global network and foster a sense of global citizenship and environmental stewardship.

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