Institución Educativa Gabriel Plazas

About the School

Located in rural Colombia, Institución Educativa Gabriel Plazas strives to securing access to more reliable, less expensive and more sustainable sources of energy.


Winner of the Global High Schools category

Year: 2016

Region: Americas

Project Description

The school is proposing to build a self sustaining cafeteria to be housed in a bio-climatically designed structure, using solar power, efficient lighting and a new ventilation system with a bio-digester, which will turn food waste into gas for cooking. The school’s pupils, aged from 5 to 17 years, will learn about the importance of a sustainable and healthy life-style and help educate the local community about the need to use the limited resources available more responsibly. Moreover, the project will teach the children about carbon-free alternatives and the project will help create employment and serve as a model for bio-climatic building design for homes and other schools in the region.

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