About the School

Boasting the President, the Speaker of the Parliament and a PhD candidate who studied renewable energy among its alumni, the SOS HG Sheikh Secondary School is well placed to meet the challenges of promoting sustainability. These challenges include lack of awareness of the importance of modifying behaviour, an inadequate policy framework and low technical capacity.


Winner of the Global High Schools category

Year: 2016

Region: Africa

Project Description

The project will help 293 families move away from using charcoal for cooking by giving them access to the school’s excess gas that is 70% cheaper than the normal price. This will save 152, 027 trees, reduce indoor pollution and increase energy savings by US$935,225 over the duration of the project. Academic performance will also improve. The school will use clean power allowing students to read for 2½ hours a day rather than the average 1 hour at present with expensive and inefficient kerosene lamps.

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