Starehe Girls’ Centre and School

About the School

“Our education, our strength.” This is the motto of the Starehe Girls’ Centre, a charitable national girls’ high school catering to bright but economically and socially disadvantaged girls. The Centre takes a holistic education approach, which has enabled 95% of their students to gain admission to various local and international institutions after graduation.

The school provides a quality education that nurtures young people and teaches them to give back to the community. The students promote sustainability in their communities by helping to raise awareness about the measures that can be taken to curb global warming. Starehe Girls’ Centre focuses on developing the physical, intellectual, spiritual and social attributes of every single student.


Winner of the Global High Schools category

Year: 2017

Region: Africa

Project Description

Due to high power costs, the school sometimes faces funding shortfalls. As a charitable institution, it aims to implement energy efficiency measures to reduce its annual electricity costs by 20%, and will channel part of the savings towards educating an additional ten socially underprivileged girls every year.

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