Unidad Educativa Sagrados Corazones 4

About the School

Unidad Educativa Sagrados Corazones 4 is a co- educational school located in the municipality of San Juan, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The school started with 56 students when it was founded in 1986. Due to hard work and a clear vision over the years, the school now hosts 479 students between 12 and 18 years old.

The school centres its education on reason, religion and love, and on cultivating important values and habits such as punctuality, citizen security, cleaning and caring for the environment. The teachers are committed to quality education and to providing a productive learning environment to help educate an active and healthy youth community.


Winner of the Global High Schools category

Year: 2017

Region: Americas

Project Description

The school aims to become a role model in its community by consistently being on the lookout for technological developments and innovations. The school aims to self-supply its own electricity and to install water collection equipment for on-site food production. These measures will help save on energy costs while providing opportunities for theoretical and practical teaching and educational programmes.

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