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    • Modest Fashion

      Even though, above are the primary reasons why Abaya has been worn so rampantly in the Middle East, there is an upcoming trend which focuses on the Abaya as a fashion statement. There is a growing populace who see the dress as a way to dress modestly but be trendy at exactly the same time.

      The Current Dubai Modest Fashion Week has been an indicator of the exciting times ahead for the Abaya as a dress.

      Works with most body shapes

      If you are on the thin side, an Abaya gives you slightly more frame and enriches your stature.

      And if you are the type, who can’t withstand the McDonalds fries and an upsize coke and have a body to show for it, the Abaya Online does well to slightly tone down your constructed and provides you with a more streamlined look.

      Amplifies your personality

      You’re the man who want her view to be heard or are an inspiring leader, Abaya lends itself perfectly to your part in the society.

      If you are a person who would rather take things easy, smell the roses on the journey of life, the Abaya again signals to the world, here is a lady who knows what she wants from life and does not mind taking the foot off the pedal.

      An Abaya has a unique characteristic that it understates one’s physical shortcoming but amplifies her character.

      Religious reason

      For many, the Abaya fulfils an important religious obligation of covering the body


      For many others, it is part of culture and signifies her reputation and acceptance in the society

      No dress in the world brings several of these characteristics together representing the wearer of this dress as a confident character. Walk confidently into any assembly knowing that even before you have anything to say — you will be accorded a respect.

      Dress for any occasion

      The identical dress can be worn to your let your hair-down party get-together an
      d for your first day in your workplace where you want to create a striking impression. You can’t pull this off with any other apparel.